Skålsjögarden Timber Lodge - Explore nature!

Our vision / plan


We want to be an integral part of the local community in Skålsjön and the municipality of Ovanåker. We want to add value to the community and make the area interesting for families and young people together with the locals. We want to be a role model for sustainable business and be in constant exchange with the community. Our business activity should allow us to live sustainably and well in the community, in harmony with our neighbors and nature. We want to achieve this through an offer that mainly brings tourists from urban areas in Sweden and from Switzerland to the region. We want to offer these guests an unforgettable nature experience to bring them closer to the importance and beauty of nature. This message should be brought back to the urban areas by our guests and thus make the world a little bit better.


  1. Become a full member of the community.
  2. Attracting new guests to the region.
  3. Partner with local small businesses.
  4. Build a sustainable business model.
  5. A very high satisfaction of our guests.


Why - We want to live a sustainable life that is close to nature. We want to leave a sustainable livelihood for our children and grandchildren. We want to share our experiences with others to make the world a little bit better.

How - We look for possible partnerships with local people and companies in all activities. We try to find new ways for sustainable tourism and we try to involve the community. We live from and with nature, respectively from and with our land. We do our best not to waste nature as our most precious resource, and we use it only in a way that does not harm it.

What - We open the café at Skålsjögården for everyone. We offer a restaurant service for events that we organize ourselves, or in partnership with others. We are raising the standard of hotel rooms to be ready for foreign guests. We are building a program for local guides who can offer guided tours to our guests. We are building up an offer for leisure activities, especially for cross-country skiing guests in winter.


  1. The focus is always on people, be they guests, employees or competitors.
  2. We do not compete with our competitors, we build our own segment with our own activities and our own guests.
  3. Our business idea is to promote other companies in the region, as they can also benefit from our activities and we from theirs.
  4. We seek partnerships with local individuals and local businesses.
  5. What doesn't work is changed or sold off, what does work is retained and expanded.
  6. We always know what is currently in demand and focus on the needs of our customers.
  7. We partner and value relationships and community over our business numbers.