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our promises

Snow guarantee

Basically, Skålsjön has always been considered snow-sure. It is not for nothing that Skålsjögården was built right here. But since the climate change is increasingly noticeable here, we can not promise snow. But we have our snow guarantee. Specifically, this applies to all bookings that relate specifically to a winter activity booked with us. We guarantee these bookings that in case of unfavorable conditions we will carry out the activity at a nearby alternative location. If there are also no appropriate conditions, we promise a refund of the entire, already paid booking price. The snow guarantee is valid until one day before the date of arrival.

Family friendly

It is a matter of great concern to us that everyone feels comfortable and welcome at Skålsjögården! We also have suitable accommodation for families with several children.

Do you want a baby bed or a crib? A family bed? Do you need a microwave to heat up food for the little ones? Do you need a baby carrier or a stroller?do you want to wash cloth diapers? All no problem, we are happy to provide you with a variety of baby equipment for the duration of your stay. (Please book in advance, there is a limited number available).


Pets welcome

You want to take your best friend with you during the most beautiful time of the year, your vacations? No problem with us! Please let us know BEFORE booking, because we have individual rooms, which are not bookable for allergy friendly reasons.